Free : 7 Page Planning Guide For Your Survivors from Form America


Order our planning guide for your survivors, a $19.99 retail value, FREE from Form America. This was developed after a loved one died and left no instructions, causing us to become detectives to discover everything we have now outlined for you in this free fill-in-the-blanks survivors guide. Form America has produced this guide and will send it to you free of charge. Fill it out and leave it behind for your loved ones. Give them a roadmap to follow and help them know how you want to be remembered. You're never too young or too old to leave this behind for the ones you love.

The planning guide features information sections for you to leave behind for your loved ones including :

  • Your personal and family tree history
  • Armed Forces Service Records
  • Local emergency contacts should your family need them for you including doctors, priests/pastors, and other critical contact information
  • A list of people you would want notified if you died, and their contact information
  • Important information for your family including one full page of financial information (bank account numbers, credit card numbers, mortgage contact information, and more)
  • Information on any insurance or retirement accounts you may have
  • Social media user names and passwords
  • Locations of important documents
  • Information on who has the official copies of your last will and testament
  • Automobile registration information
  • Specific funeral memorial instructions, including everything from your favorite music selections to preferred officiant contact information
  • Cemetery instructions
  • An entire blank page for notes, memories or a personal note to the reader of this final treasure chest of information

Planning for the future and leaving clear instructions in case of your death is a responsible and considerate step. The specific instructions you leave will depend on various factors, including your personal circumstances and preferences. This planning guide might be the best gift you ever give your loved ones, and it is available for you from Form America for free.

Email and simply ask for MY PLANNING GUIDE. Please include your address, and we will send you the MY PLANNING GUIDE completely free. Give them something to remember you by, and it won't cost you anything.

You can also click here and send us your contact information, and request MY PLANNING GUIDE in the message field. Please fill out a minimum of your name, email address and address so we can send you the guide.

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