Tapping into Flavor: The Craft Beer Scene of Tampa Bay


Tampa Bay, Florida, is a sun-soaked paradise renowned for its pristine beaches, cultural diversity, and now, a thriving craft beer scene. Comprising the cities of Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg along with dozens of smaller towns, this region has become a hub for craft beer enthusiasts. In this article, we'll embark on a journey through the flourishing craft beer culture of Tampa Bay, presenting a selection of the area's finest breweries along with their respective addresses, phone numbers, and website links.


  1. Cigar City Brewing
    • Address: 3924 W Spruce St, Tampa, FL 33607
    • Phone: (813) 348-6363
    • Website: Cigar City Brewing

    Cigar City Brewing is a household name in the world of craft beer. Located in Tampa, they are celebrated for their Jai Alai IPA and Hunahpu's Imperial Stout. Their taproom is a must-visit destination for beer lovers.

  2. Tampa Bay Brewing Company

    Tampa Bay Brewing Company, located in the historic Ybor City, boasts a diverse selection of craft beers and a restaurant serving delicious food. Their brewpub is a local favorite.


  1. Big Storm Brewing Co.

    Big Storm Brewing Co., with a location in Clearwater, offers a wide variety of beers, including their award-winning Wavemaker Amber Ale. Their spacious taproom is perfect for gatherings.

St. Petersburg:

  1. 3 Daughters Brewing
    • Address: 222 22nd St S, St. Petersburg, FL 33712
    • Phone: (727) 495-6002
    • Website: 3 Daughters Brewing

    3 Daughters Brewing, situated in the heart of St. Petersburg, is known for its flavorful beers and vibrant atmosphere. The brewery hosts events and provides a great space to enjoy their brews.

  2. Green Bench Brewing Co.

    Green Bench Brewing Co. is a St. Petersburg gem, celebrated for their unique brews and commitment to sustainability. Their welcoming beer garden is a popular spot for patrons.

  3. Cycle Brewing
    • Address: 534 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
    • Phone: (727) 320-7954
    • Website: Cycle Brewing

    Cycle Brewing is renowned for their innovative and bold beers. Their downtown St. Petersburg taproom is a hotspot for beer enthusiasts seeking unique and expertly crafted brews.

Tampa Bay's craft beer scene is a testament to the area's dedication to creativity and flavor. With a wealth of breweries ranging from well-known pioneers to innovative newcomers, there is something for every beer lover in this region. These breweries are not just places to enjoy beer; they are centers of community and culinary artistry. The next time you find yourself in Tampa Bay, be sure to explore its dynamic craft beer culture and savor the local brews. Cheers to the incredible tastes of Tampa Bay!

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