We celebrate the demise of attack journalism


The political smear merchant blogger Jeff Solocheck’s email newsletter will no longer be free, but will only be available to people that subscribe to the Tampa Bay Times. That will take his readers from an estimated 20 people down to an estimated three or four people. It’s going to be harder and harder for people to feed him their political propaganda. I only know of one person that subscribes to the Tampa Bay Times.

The Tampa Bay Area Conservative Parents Facebook page will always be free, as will Tidings Media and Tidings Podcast Network.

The destruction of propaganda media from the Tampa Bay Times is nearly complete. They are hosting a fundraiser for their failed journalism within the next couple months masquerading as a School board forum but without any conservative representation. So much for equal time doctrine.

Fuck ‘em. I celebrate their demise. Thanks for staying with us as we advocate for traditional values, traditional education, and common sense.

Let’s make journalism great again.

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